NATURE TIME CALENDAR 2020 — Wall Calendar

A calendar that begins with the moon cycle containing the spring equinox, the beginning of spring!

From February 23rd, 2020, through the moon cycle ending April 10th, 2021, close to 14 months. Spring to spring.

This is a professionally printed wall calendar that you can hang up anywhere, printed on 100% recycled paper.

$15.00 $3.00


This completely new kind of calendar isn’t just boring grids of squares or rectangles. It’s a way to get in touch with nature!


    • By turning the pages with the new moons instead of months, you will naturally start to pay attention to where the Moon is in its cycle
    • Know where you are in the year by following Earth’s orbit around the Sun!
    • Gain insight into the seasons from the Native American names for the moons
    • Be a backyard astronomer with this viewing guide
    • Know what seasonal produce to expect to eat your way around the year
    • Name the moons yourself as a way to notice how each bit of the year is different from the last bit
    • Start your new year in spring, the beginning of the natural year!

This new format can help you feel the world around you, not just show pretty pictures of it (yes, there are great pictures, too).

Plus, you get four extra pages of bonus guides and tips to have a great year!

Technical specs:

What you’ll get is an 8.5″ x 11″ (folded) wall calendar that is professionally printed with high resolution images and graphics.

Printed on Rolland Enviro Print 100% post-consumer fiber, which is manufactured using Biogas renewable energy and processed Totally Chlorine Free. It is Rainforest Alliance™ and Ancient Forest Friendly™ certified.


Is a flat rate $5 for USPS First Class mail in the USA.

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